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Review committee propose fulltime law reform commission

Published:Thursday | May 1, 2008 | 12:14 PM

The Hugh Small led committee, which carried out a review of Jamaica’s defamation laws, is proposing the establishment of a full-time law reform commission.

The committee said the need for such a commission became apparent during its review of the defamation laws.

The committee was tasked with conducting consultations and making recommendations for reforming the country’s laws regarding defamation.

It said it had to work without research staff and points to Australia’s situation, where a permanent statutory commission deliberated for two years when it carried out a review of that country’s defamation laws.

The committee wants the government to set up a similar commission as a permanent, independent body, responsible for studying and systematically reviewing Jamaican laws.

According to the committee, such a commission would also be able to address issues that were raised in the public consultations.

These include issues of piracy and contempt of court, which the committee said it could not undertake during the time allotted for doing the review.