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NDM calls on PNP to apologise

Published:Thursday | December 13, 2007 | 2:43 PM

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) has condemned attempts by the leadership of the People\'s National Party (PNP), to justify a statement by executive member AJ Nicholson in the lead up to the September 3 General election.

Mr. Nicholson had reportedly told supporters at a rally in St Elizabeth, that if they voted for the party’s candidate Kern Spencer, they would get water.

However at a press conference yesterday PNP chairman, Robert Pickersgill sought to defend Mr. Nicholson’s statements.

The PNP had earlier condemned controversial statements made by Jamaiac LabourParty (JLP) state ministers, Everald Warmington and Robert Montague ahead of the local government election.

The two state ministers have since apologised for their statements.

The NDM is demanding that Mr. Nicholson apologise to the Jamaican people for his earlier pronouncements.

According to NDM General Secretary, Michael Williams under the circumstances the PNP has no moral authority to criticise the statements by the JLP ministers.