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Christmas Shopping not merry for all

Published:Monday | December 24, 2007 | 7:41 PM

Several of the country’s merchants are attributing the low level of consumer support for the holiday period to the increase in food and commodity prices. Some business establishments have reported declines in sales while others have had increases, or sales equal to last year’s Christmas Season.

Chief Executive Officer of Azan’s Supercenter, Milade Azan, says his uptown stores have had far better sales than those in downtown Kingston. Managing Director of Mall Jewellers, Gordon Tewani, says there has been a notable decline in sales because of the overall increase in prices, especially for food.

Chief Executive officer of clothing store Samm’s, Sameer Younis, also acknowledged the decline in sales. He attributed this to the hurricane season, general elections and the increased cost of food, gas and electricity.

At the same time Things Jamaican senior sales representative, Trecia Lewis, says her souvenir and craft store has received a high level of support from holiday shoppers.