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UK VOICE: Jamaican memories to be part of Queen Jubilee time capsule

Published:Friday | September 21, 2012 | 12:21 PM

Iconic images from Prince Harry’s visit to Jamaica have become part of a time capsule project that could become a Jubilee gift for the Queen’s Jubilee.

The images include a Jamaican woman teaching the Prince how to dance as he represented his grandmother, the Queen, on a Jubilee tour to the island in March 2012.

The Prince’s capsule contribution also features a personal letter in which he thanks the Jamaican government.

In the letter, Prince Harry, who also struck a famous pose with– and “won” a race against - sprint king Usain Bolt, wrote: ‘Wow! I have totally fallen for Jamaica and its people... Thank you for showing me such a good time...’

The Jubilee Time capsule project is now calling for people from all walks of life to share their memories, including those from Commonwealth countries in Africa and the Caribbean or who live in the UK.

Some well known people have already answered the call to contribute, among them Olympic gold medallist Kirani James.

The 400m runner, who won Grenada’s first Olympic gold medal, has joined a number of people uploading their photos and personal stories of achievements and treasured memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule website.

James shared a photo showing him standing with the Olympic Torch and has a video talking about his time during the London 2012 Olympic Games including how it feels to win gold.

Creators of the Time Capsule project, the Royal Commonwealth Society, said they hope more people will join James and Prince Harry and upload or send in more of these special memories.

They are encouraging people to upload online or send via post “a memorable day between 6 February 1952 and 30 September 2012 and contribute videos, photos and text to explain why it is important to them”.

People have until September 30 to submit their own important recollections from the past 60 years.

These stories must be about life in a Commonwealth country, or events that have impacted the Commonwealth.

People can also vote for their favourites and ”like” the collections they prefer.

“The Jubilee Time Capsule is an online time capsule that gives people across the globe the chance to create a digital Diamond Jubilee gift for Her Majesty The Queen,” the Royal Commonwealth Society said.

The Society explained the people’s history project will chart the last 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and headship of the Commonwealth, “creating a unique digital legacy this Diamond Jubilee year”.

Organisers said the very best Jubilee Time Capsule entries will be curated into the Diamond (re)Collection, which will be overseen by a distinguished panel of judges and presented to The Queen later in 2012.

So far, people from The UK including and countries including Singapore, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Barbados and Grenada have told their stories, which range from personal experiences of migrating to the UK to saluting community heroes to seeing their nations become independent.

Story sharers include The AFRICA: Seen & Heard Diaspora Platform and The Gleaner Company, the Voice’s parent company. They have submitted images showing preparations for the island to celebrate its very first independence 50-years-ago on August 6, 1962.

South Sudanese musician and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal also shares his special memory of how meeting a British aid worker helped change his life and views on education.

For the capsule, Botswana’s Sidiapelo Babis shared the delight of seeing Botswana move to improve the lives of people living with HIV by becoming the first country to launch a national antiretroviral therapy program in Africa in 2002.

Memories also come from Nigeria’s Olusola George who shared images from Nigeria’s Big Lunch held in Itaogbolu small community, Ondo State on June 3, 2012.

Other stories include those from Bajan Shannon McIver Leacock, who outlined memories of the amazing ‘human chain’ that was formed around Barbados on Independence Day in 1979 and Melissa Bennett, who showcased partying at the 2011 Notting Hill Carnival in London.

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