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Tax cheat hotline continues to yield results

Published:Friday | May 10, 2013 | 8:54 AM

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reporting a 62.5 per cent increase over last year in revenue assessed as a result of calls from its tax cheat hotline which has been in operation for almost two years.

TAJ says the increase can be attributed to the anonymity with which citizens may call to report individuals, or companies suspected of not paying their fair share of taxes.

The tax authority says it continues to receive credible confidential information from the public about suspected tax dodgers, which is then investigated and the appropriate compliance actions taken.

To date the tax authority has raised assessments valued at approximately $462 million following investigation of cases reported through the tax cheat line.

It says most of these cases relate to multiple breaches, under reporting, failure to pay taxes failure to pay over payroll tax amounts and failure to file returns.

TAJ says it has received 311 calls through the hotline, completing 159 investigations with 102 cases currently being probed.

Only 38 of the cases have been deemed as having insufficient information to proceed.

The tax authority says of the completed cases 26 per cent have been served with compliance notices, 59 per cent have been referred for assessment, 8 per cent have been discontinued and a further 7 per cent referred for inclusion in the TAJ’s tax education programme.


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