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Sale of seized vehicles stuns taxi association

Published:Friday | May 10, 2013 | 6:06 PM

Debbie-Ann Wright, News Editor – Radio

The Route Taxi Association of Jamaica (RTAJ) has described as frightening the revelation that the Transport authority sold 114 seized vehicles to a company for approximately $483,000 in 2008.

The information contained in a report by the Auditor General’s Department shows that the company through the process of sealed bids, purchased each car for an average of $4,238 from the authority.

RTAJ president, Sophia Campbell, says members are disheartened by the news especially given that many taxi operators have lost their means of earning a living as a result of seizures by the Authority.

She says some taxi operators find it difficult to retrieve their vehicles after they are seized, because of expensive wrecking fees and the $5,000 per day storage fee.

Campbell is questioning why the owners of the vehicles were not given the first option to purchase them, especially given that it now appears many of the vehicles were sold for less than the cost of storage.

She wants the Transport Authority to provide more information on the matter, particularly about the state of the vehicles which were sold cheaply.

Campbell also says the Authority needs to revise its bidding procedures.

In addition, Campbell is calling for the Authority to stop seizing vehicles for minor offences.


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