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This Day In Our Past: May 15, 1974

Published:Wednesday | May 15, 2013 | 8:26 AM

May 15, 1974:

A set of four Canadian sterling silver coins, two $10 pieces and two $5 pieces minted to commemorate the 1976 Olympic Games are presented to Governor General, Florizel Glasspole, at King’s House by John Harrington, the Canadian High Commissioner.

The coins will be sold all over the world where the currency regulations permit, to raise money for the 1976 Olympic Games to be held in Montreal, Canada.

Jamaica’s currency regulations do not at the moment permit the selling of the coins, but the coins are presented to Glasspole as a souvenir who says the coins will have a very honoured place in King’s House which already contains many distinguished people from many countries who has visited the mansion over the years.

The Canadian High Commissioner John Harrington (left) who presented the Governor General with a set of two $10 pieces and two $5 pieces in the commemorative designs.

At right is Mr Tony Bridge, President of the Olympic Association of Jamaica.

The presentation took place at King's House on May 15, 1974.

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