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Thwaites won't bow

Published:Thursday | May 16, 2013 | 12:50 PM

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites has signalled he will not relax his stance on the matter of not allowing pro-gay materials to be taught in schools.

He was speaking at a post sectoral debate press conference at Jamaica House this morning.

Thwaites said the society must be careful that in the interest of tolerance it does not allow minority views to triumph over majority sentiments.

He said the lifestyle curriculum which was withdrawn last year contained sections that were grooming people towards same-sex unions.

He also noted that homosexuality does not represent the sentiments of Jamaicans about what is right and moral and, therefore, will not be a part of any teaching instruction.

Grace McLean, the chief education officer said actions have not yet been taken against the person who was found to have been responsible for the development of the curriculum.

However, Thwaites said the process is taking too long.


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