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Performance based pay for teachers coming on stream

Published:Thursday | May 16, 2013 | 5:10 PM

Jerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Education is to begin rolling out performance based pay for teachers.

Teachers are given an incremental increase of two and a half per cent in their salaries per annum.

However, the Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, said this system has not worked well.

Speaking at post Sector Debate press conference today Thwaites said it is unfair to give increased remuneration to teachers who have failed to perform. 

Thwaites said the ministry has decided that the payment will no longer be automatic but based on the teachers' performance.

He did not indicate when this will be implemented.

Performance based pay has been a controversial issue in the education sector.

The education minister pointed out that mechanisms exist to evaluate the performance of teachers in the classroom, but he said this has not been consistently applied.

He further explained that even if a teacher is adjudged to be under performing they are still paid the annual adjustment.

Thwaites said the education ministry cannot continue to pay teachers who are not an asset to schools and students.


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