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$200 million in tuition refunds owed to teachers

Published:Friday | May 17, 2013 | 9:24 AM

Jerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter

It is not clear when teachers who are owed refunds for tuition fees will be paid.

Speaking at a post Sectoral Debate press conference yesterday, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites reiterated that he was eager to have the matter settled.

Thwaites disclosed that about $200 million are owed in outstanding payments.

Under the arrangements teachers are required to pay their tuition fees in full and after completing their course they are given back 50 per cent of the money.

The education minister pointed out that only $50 million is allocated in the education ministry’s budget to cover the payments.

Noting that scores of teachers have been waiting years for their money, Thwaites said discussions are being held with the Ministry of Finance to see if further fiscal space can be made available.

However, he noted that this has to be done within the context of the country’s finances.


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