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Suspected dengue cases climb to 475, two confirmed deaths

Published:Friday | May 17, 2013 | 4:54 PM

The health ministry is reporting that the number of suspected dengue cases has now climbed to 475 since the start of the year with 96 being confirmed by laboratory test.

At the same time, the ministry says there have been two confirmed dengue-related deaths.

Up to February 9, there were 237 clinically suspected cases, with 27 confirmed, but no deaths.

However in a release this afternoon, director of Emergency, Disaster Management and Special Services, Dr Marion Bullock DuCasse, said Jamaica is experiencing a decline in the number of dengue cases.

She is urging householders, schools, businesses and places of worship to spend at least ten minutes each week to search for and destroy mosquito breeding sites as Jamaica tries to reduce the population of the aedes aegypti mosquito which transmits the virus.

Dengue fever is only transmitted through the bite of an infected aedes aegypti mosquito which is generally found in places where people inhabit.

“This is why we ask householders, schools, businesses and places of worship to help by identifying and destroying breeding sites in their surroundings. Spending ten minutes per week to do this will make a lot of difference. One of the key ways to reduce the number of cases of dengue fever is to reduce the opportunity for mosquito breeding,” said DuCasse.


*Look for anything in which water can settle and either cover it tightly, keep the area dry, clean it regularly, fill it with soil or sand, punch holes into it and recycle or properly dispose of it.

*If mesh is used to cover containers then the holes should be small enough so that mosquitoes cannot enter.

*Special attention should be paid to drums and uncovered tanks that are used to store water as they have been found to be the main breeding sites for mosquitoes.


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