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Chile volcano: Red Alert issued, evacuations to commence

Published:Monday | May 27, 2013 | 5:29 PM


As the Copahue volcano becomes increasingly active Chile's government makes plans to evacuate 2,240 people.

Chile's Interior and Security Minister, Andres Chadwick, said the increased activity could lead to an eruption and officials will soon begin evacuating 2,240 people, in a 15.5 mile radius.

Chile issued a red alert today for persons living near the Copahue volcano which is on border with Argentina and has become increasingly active.

"This evacuation is obligatory; it's not voluntary," Chadwick told reporters.

Chile's Emergency Office says the evacuation could last about 48 hours, but could be delayed because of heavy rains.

The nearly 2,965-meter volcano sits in the Andes cordillera, straddling the border with Argentina's Neuquen province.

Argentine officials have issued a yellow alert. They flew over the area during the weekend and are monitoring the volcano with a network of web cameras.


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