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'Inadequacy of housing policy breeding informal settlements'

Published:Wednesday | June 5, 2013 | 2:16 PM

The Opposition Spokesman on Housing, Dr Horace Chang, is urging the government to expedite the process of implementing a comprehensive National Housing Policy.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, he noted that much work has been done to develop a modern policy, but delays at the Ministry of Finance in relation to its tax implications resulted in it not being promulgated in a timely manner.

Chang said, the National Housing Policy, along with the Public/Private Partnership, can provide the basis for significant increases in the number of housing starts.

He also noted that many of the persons who reside in informal settlements and those who have difficulty in proving land ownership have fallen in that position because of the inadequacy of the housing policy.

The opposition spokesman on housing also wants the People's National Party administration to implement a comprehensive land management programme.

Among other things, he pointed out that such a programme should provide landowners with quicker access to titles, cover a land use policy, address zoning regulations as well as offer policy directive for all parishes to have a physical development plan.

Chang is also proposing that the cadastral mapping programme be expanded in an effort to maximise the value of properties.

He asserts that land management is a critical element in generating growth and ensuring sustainable economic development.


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