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Quarry operator claims state agency victimisation

Published:Friday | June 7, 2013 | 8:46 AM

Cabbrina Lennox, Gleaner Writer

A St Mary quarry operator is appealing to the mining minister Phillip Paulwell, to intervene in what he claims are attempts to sabotage his business.

Clifton Lee operates Guild’s Engineers and Commercial Instrumentation Services.

He says since 2011 he has been trying to renew his mining license, but elements at the Mines and Geology Department are frustrating the process.

Lee says he has been informed by the Mines and Geology department that the license disbursement is being delayed because he owes taxes.

However, according to Lee the actual amount owed is being disputed and is now the subject of negotiations.

Lee says while the figures are being contested, he has agreed to make the payments in order to get back his license.

He says about a month ago he received a letter from the Mines and Geology department permitting him to continue to operate in the interim.

However, Lee says with the insistence of the Mines and Geology officials that he must cease operations, he has had to close his business and send home 155 employees.

Last night we were unable to make contact with a Mines and Geology official for comment on the matter.


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