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Marginal decline in GSAT results, girls outperform boys

Published:Tuesday | June 18, 2013 | 5:32 PM

Jovan Johnson, Gleaner Writer

The Education Ministry is reporting a slight decline in the overall performance on this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) when compared with last year’s results.

Some 42,268 students sat the examination in more than 1,000 schools in March.

According the results, Jamaican primary school leavers continue to struggle with Communication Task, Mathematics and science.

Performance in Mathematics declined for a third straight year, with only 61.4 percent of the cohort passing the subject when compared to 62.6 last year.

Sixty-three percent of students passed Science, a one percentage point decline when compared with the 64 percent in 2012.

Communication Task performance fell by four percentage point from 75 per cent last year to 71.3 percent this year.

Only Social Studies and Language Arts recorded improvements over last year.

Language Arts recorded the larger improvement climbing from 59.7 percent last year to 63.1 per cent this year.

Social Studies improved for the third straight year, moving from 61.9 percent last year to 62.2 this year.

According to the education ministry, for the fourth year, girls continued to outperform boys in all subjects.

Meanwhile, of the 42,268 students who sat the exam, 35,957 have been placed in high schools.

The remaining 6,311 were placed in technical high, primary and junior high, all-age, special and private schools.

The Education Ministry says two out of every three students were placed in their preferred schools while the others were placed based on proximity to the schools they attended.

Some 1,117 students were placed manually.

The Education Ministry says students scoring 50 percent or less in any subject are considered to be in need of intervention in order to manage grade 7 studies.

It is urging receiving schools to make full use of GSAT student profiles to undertake upgrading and remediation.

GSAT results will be available to schools on Thursday.


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