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House painter skull permanently bashed in, awarded $58m by jury

Published:Tuesday | July 2, 2013 | 1:46 PM


A former house painter has been awarded $58 million by a jury after a bar beating that left him badly brain damaged.

The award is among the largest damage awards ever given to one person in California, the lawyers said.

Antonio Lopez Chaj, 43-years-old is unable to speak as half of his skull is permanently bashed in.

Chaj appeared at a news conference today with lawyers who announced the award handed down against a security company Friday in Torrance Superior Court.

They said they expect an appeal and there could be settlement negotiations before Chaj receives anything.

Chaj had to be supported by relatives at the news conference.

When he took off a baseball cap hiding his injuries, gasps could be heard from people present.

"His skull is like a pie with 25 per cent cut out of it," said attorney Federico Sayre.

Chaj was attacked at a mid-Wilshire bar after trying to intercede in an attack by a bartender and security guard on two relatives who were with him.

Lawyers said an unlicensed, untrained security guard beat Chaj with a baton, kicked him in the head eight times and smashed his skull against pavement four times.

"It was truly a horrendous and brutal beating by a guy who shouldn't have been working at all," said Sayre, who represented Chaj along with Fernando Chavez, the son of famed civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

The security guard, Emerson Quintanilla, and the bartender-manager who sparked the attack have disappeared without a trace, Sayre said.


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