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Truckers to boycott toll road

Published:Friday | July 5, 2013 | 1:19 PM

Monique Grange, Assistant News Editor – Radio

President of the All Island Truckers Association Leonard Green says some of its members have decided to boycott Highway 2000 when increases in the toll rate take effect tomorrow.

Green says members have done their calculations and have found that the cost of using the toll roads outweigh the benefits.

He explains that some truckers will save an average of $700 per trip if they take alternative routes.

Green notes that while it takes more time to travel on alternative routes, such a move might just become necessary as using the toll roads will prove counterproductive.

He says the operators of the toll road made a wrong decision in increasing the toll fees.

He argues that the efficient movement of goods and services must be a strategy for national development and the cost should not be borne solely by individuals.

Green says the toll operators should have instead reduced the cost of travelling on the highway as part of efforts to encourage more motorists to use the thoroughfare.

The Greater Portmore Joint Council has already called for motorists to boycott the Portmore leg of Highway 2000.


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