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Dudus to be featured in TV documentary 'Gangsters: America's Most Evil'

Published:Sunday | July 7, 2013 | 10:07 AM

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer


The biography of Kingston kingpin, Christopher 'Dudus' Coke is to be aired on the popular documentary series, 'Gangsters: America's Most Evil' at 10:00 p.m this Tuesday, July 9 on television stations in the United States.

Coke, known as the notorious leader of the international gang, the 'Shower Posse', who is now serving 23 years in US prison, will be featured in what has tagged a 'true story'.

Episodes will be also be aired on Wednesday, July 10 at 2:00am, Tuesday, July 16 at 9:00pm and Wednesday, July 17 at 1:00am.

Promoting the documentary series which examines America's "most evil" gangsters, has sought to entice prospective viewers to watch:

"Christopher Coke was the notorious leader of the international gang, the Shower Posse. His operation transported drugs to major US cities, sold them for massive profits, and purchased weapons on the black market to export back to his native country, Jamaica. "Dudus", as he was known on the streets, used his criminal wealth and prosperity to win the hearts of his community and influence their political affiliations. Such power propelled him from a Kingpin to a political pawn, and when the US attempted to have the beloved gangster extradited, a civil war broke out to protect him," notes the documentary promo.

Coke's life story is being aired weeks after the Jamaican government announced plans to hold a Commission of Enquiry into what has become known as the 'Tivoli Incursion', resulting in the deaths of more than 70 people, during a joint military/police operation to arrest him.

In May, exactly three years after the 2010 incident, the government released a 14-point draft terms of reference which it says will seeks to ascertain, among other things, whether the then fugitive Christopher 'Dudus' Coke had direct or indirect communication with government officials and the identity of these state personnel.

If it is established that Coke had engaged in dialogue with government officials, the commission of enquiry will seek to determine "by what means and for what purpose".

The draft terms of reference was released by the Ministry of Justice.

Of note is the fact that the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party has not indicated a decision to take part in the enquiry, with its general secretary Dr Horace Chang calling it a waste of time and money.


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