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Ellington warns cops on lending or transferring ballistic vests

Published:Monday | July 8, 2013 | 12:02 PM

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington is warning police personnel against lending or transferring ballistic vests without proper approval.

In the latest Force Orders Ellington says it has been brought to his attention that members have been transferring or lending their ballistic vests to other serving members without identification numbering and authorisation.

He says this practice must stop immediately.

The police commissioner outlines that the transfer of vests must be approved by Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Services Branch upon recommendation by the Commanding Officer of the member concerned.

He further says the approved request must then be forwarded to the Superintendent in-charge of Headquarters Stores, who will record, re-mark and reassign the vest.

Ellington points out that this process is necessary, given the potential for complications in accurately identifying the member wearing the vest on duty.

The police commissioner says at no time must adhesive tape or another other device be used to conceal a regulation number on a vest to facilitate its use by another serving member.

He says any breach of the regulations governing the lending or transferring of ballistic vests will attract disciplinary action.


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