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2,113 persons held in lockups up to June 1

Published:Friday | July 19, 2013 | 6:08 PM

Jerome Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Leader of Government Business in the Senate A.J. Nicholson has disclosed that 2,113 persons were being held in police lockups across Jamaica up to June 1.

Senator Nicholson, who was responding to questions posed by opposition senator Robert Montague, further revealed that 13 of the persons in lockups are non-Jamaicans.

The leader of government business said a number of those in police lock ups have been there for more than a year but he did not provide the exact figure.

However, Senator Nicholson said it could not be determined what had been the longest period the Government of Jamaica has held persons in a jail, lockup or detention centre.

He pointed out that the number of persons being held in lockups or jails exceeds the capacity of the cells.

Senator Nicholson explained that the excess is created because of factors such as the high number of persons on remand and persons being detained for questioning and identification parades.

Senator Nicholson noted that Jamaica follows international best practices with regards to the treatment of prisoners or those held in detention.

However, he conceded that improvements are needed.


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