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JDF chief withdraws suggestion of soldiers exclusion from INDECOM investigations

Published:Friday | July 26, 2013 | 11:45 AM

Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Major General Antony Anderson, yesterday had to retreat from the army’s earlier position that soldiers be excluded from being investigated by the Independent Commissions of Investigations (INDECOM).

The army chief’s pull back came after a stern verbal blow from Opposition Senator Tom Tavares-Finson, who castigated the soldiers for wanting to be precluded from the INDECOM Act.

Tavares-Finson warned Anderson that Jamaicans would not allow the army to continue to operate in the way it has in the past.

He said the Green Bay shootings continue to linger in the memories of Jamaicans.

In the controversial Green Bay shootings, members of the JDF shot and killed five of 10 men at the Green Bay range in St Catherine after luring them there with promises of jobs.

The incident took place on January 5, 1978.

Tavares Finson was supported by opposition spokesman on national security Delroy Chuck, who said the JDF could not be expunged from the INDECOM Act as they work alongside the police in carrying out operations.

Anderson, in his response, said in his oral presentation he avoided the issue of exclusion from the INDECOM Act and as such has withdrawn that position from the JDF’s written submission.

The JDF had recommended that it be excluded from the Act arguing that its exclusion would not affect the aim of it being independently investigated but it’s inclusion has several negative impacts for the force and national security.


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