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G2K questions Colin Campbell's appointment as JUTC managing director

Published:Wednesday | July 31, 2013 | 11:29 AM

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, is raising a number of questions about the recent appointment of former People's National Party General Secretary, Colin Campbell, as managing director of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC).

G2K President Floyd Green labelled the appointment a "barefaced and disgraceful blow to transparency and basic principled integrity".

Green said: "For months we at G2K have been insisting that there be a greater level of transparency in appointments of this nature. Our calls have gone unanswered and instead we are faced with another appointment that reeks of patronage, cronyism and outright Anancyism."

G2K noted that the JUTC's new managing director is the same Colin Campbell who was embroiled in the Trafigura Scandal and who was referred to the Office of the DPP by the Contractor General for his "repeated failure and/or refusal to provide detailed and particularised answers to the OCG's written requisitions and questions".

Claiming the Government has hired a record number of consultants who are party stalwarts, Green said taxpayers were now being called upon to reward PNP faithfuls as managing directors of government entities.

"While the economy teeters on the brink of collapse the disgraceful Anancyism continues unabated," he said.

Among the questions being asked of the Reverend Garnett Roper, chairman of the board of the JUTC, is whether Campbell's application for the post was submitted by June 14, 2013?

G2K is also asking for the country to be told how many persons were interviewed for the post; what are Campbell's qualifications; and whether it is appropriate that the post of managing director be bestowed upon someone who is involved in a court tussle with Dutch officials in relation to providing information regarding investigations into allegations of bribery?


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