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Linstead gang members fighting over criminal proceeds, says police

Published:Monday | August 5, 2013 | 10:54 AM

The St Catherine North police believe gang conflict over the sharing of criminal proceeds is at the root of the violence which has so far resulted in three murders in sections of Linstead, St Catherine.

The police say their intelligence indicates there is a clear potential for further escalation of violence.

However, a release from the Constabulary Communication Network says the police in St Catherine are conducting investigations and have already made significant progress.

Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, toured sections of St Catherine yesterday after two men were killed in the Banbury community outside of Linstead.

They are 28-year-old Tyrone Murray, and 42-year-old Garth Parkes, of Bottom Cedar Lane, Banbury in St Catherine.

The police Commissioner has ordered increased operational presence in Linstead to contain the violence, reassure residents, pursue the offenders and disrupt the lucrative criminal activities over which the gang members are fighting.

Commissioner Ellington also stated that he believes residents in the community know about the violence impacting their lives.

He has appealed for information and cooperation with the Police as they seek to urgently tackle the problem.

Commissioner Ellington has also sought to assure residents that the Police will remain in the community until the threat of criminal violence is resolved.


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