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Widow of late Cuban dissident calls for international enquiry

Published:Sunday | August 11, 2013 | 11:53 AM

MIAMI, Aug 11, CMC – The widow of a Cuban dissident killed in a car crash in Cuba last year has called for an international inquiry into his death.

Ofelia Acevedo, the widow of Oswaldo Payá, told reporters here that claims by the Spanish driver of the car in which Payá was travelling make it even more relevant for an international investigation.

Angel Carromero, the driver of the crashed car, told the Madrid newspaper El Mundo last week that Payá and another dissident, Harol Cepero, were alive after the crash. Carromero said this suggested that both dissidents were later murdered.

“This is why we must continue demanding and seeking support for an international investigation,” she told the Miami Herald.

“Both the people of Spain and the people of Cuba have the right to know how and where they were killed,” she added.

Carromero, a member of Spain’s ruling Popular Party (PP), was arrested after the accident and found guilty of vehicular homicide.

But he was released under an agreement with Spain that he would serve out his sentence in his home country. He is currently under supervised release.

“For us, this is all very hard,” Acevedo said. “Although one suspected from the start that this was not accidental, that someone confirms to you that your husband was alive when he was pulled from the car, is to say to me ‘your husband was murdered’ because the impact didn’t kill him.”

She told the Herald that the crash last year of the car Carromero was driving was the culmination of a long string of harassment incidents against her husband.