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Jamaica's chief US diplomat not pleased with deportation numbers, policy

Published:Sunday | August 18, 2013 | 4:54 PM

Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States Stephen Vascianne is not pleased that over 70 Jamaicans are being deported every month due to crime.

“Far too many Jamaicans are stepping on to the deportation train. Each month about 75 Jamaicans are sent home for indulging in unlawful activities,” he stated.

In addition, Vascianne said there is a concern about the US deportation system. "Jamaica believes that there are some problems with the deportation system as in certain instances, persons are sent to Jamaica when in fact they have no earthly ties to the country,” he told the over 800 Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica who attended the Jamaica Independence Celebration Foundation (JICF), Jamaica 51 Independence Ball at the Hylton Hotel, Manhattan, NY, on Saturday, August 17.

“They may have come to the United States as children, live their lives there and now they are required to fend for themselves in unfamiliar territory,” he continued, highlighting the disconnect between many of those who are deported and their ties to the island.

Jamaica's chief diplomat in the US argued further that the deportation system there may actually be counter-productive to both Jamaica and the United States, because it sets in place a loop for criminality.

He pointed out that persons are sent back to Jamaica with no means of economic survival and so they become more entrenched in criminality, which creates instability at home and sometimes is exported back to the United States.

Vascianne hopeful that the US will revamp its deportation policies to give more humane and sympathetic consideration to persons facing deportation.

He also encouraged Jamaicans in the Diaspora to guide their fellow countrymen who may have become deviant, to live and work within the law.


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