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Some JLP members setting wrong tone in leadership challenge, says political commentator

Published:Monday | August 26, 2013 | 1:34 PM

Jovan Johnson, Gleaner Writer

Political commentator, Ian Boyne, says some senior Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) members have set the wrong tone by making it appear as though a challenge to Andrew Holness’ leadership is unusual or unwelcomed.

JLP deputy leader, Audley Shaw confirmed speculation on Saturday in a letter to party chairman, Robert Montague, that he is considering to go up against Andrew Holness at November's general conference.

However, Boyne says reactions from some of Holness’ supporters have, so far, been contemptuous, suggesting a disbelief in democracy.

He is commending, the approach of Shaw who has since called for a tone down in the rhetoric.

Boyne says the tradition of not challenging a JLP leader should not be used against members who decide to engage in such a democratic process.

Holness has declared that he is a believer in the democratic process and has said he welcomes any challenge to his leadership.

Boyne also says a JLP leadership race would have national significance.

He points to views that Holness is not adversarial enough to challenge the governing People’s National Party and questions whether another approach would be beneficial to Jamaica.

At a JLP meeting in Clarendon yesterday, Shaw announced that he would not be seeking reelection as the chairman of the JLP Area Council Three, cementing the belief that he intends to challenge Holness.

A candidate can only vie for one post.

In his letter on Saturday, Shaw said he first needed to consult with key party delegates and workers before making a decision.

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