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Traffic changes for Reggae Boyz football match today

Published:Tuesday | September 10, 2013 | 2:01 PM

The police have advised that there will be several traffic changes in the vicinity of the National Stadium today for the Reggae Boyz football match against Costa Rica.

The police say the traffic changes will take effect approximately 4 p.m.

And Gates E4-8 will be open to the public for access to the stadium.

Persons with VIP stickers can gain access through gate E1.

The police say traffic changes will affect Arthur Wint Drive, Mountain View Avenue, Deanery Road, Roosevelt Avenue, Stanton Terrace, Old Hope Road and Latham Avenue.

Authur Wint Drive

The Authur Wint Drive junction with North Avenue will be used as a one-way with the two lanes allowing traffic to proceed towards the National Stadium.

Motorists will be required to turn left onto Roosevelt Avenue, right onto Stanton Terrace, right onto Mountain View Avenue, right on upper Authur Wint Drive and into the car parks.

Mountain View Avenue/Deanery Road

The north-bound section of the Mountain View Avenue dual carriage way will be closed to the general motoring public.

Only JUTC buses and vehicles transporting patrons to the match will be allowed access.

However, During the match, this section of the road will reopen to vehicular traffic.

Roosevelt Avenue/Stanton Terrace

Only vehicles displaying VIP stickers will be allowed access from Stanton Terrace onto Roosevelt Avenue in order to use the VIP entrance at gate E1 along Authur Wint drive.

Old Hope Road/Latham Avenue

Latham Avenue, at the intersection with Old Hope Road will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Mountain View/Stanton Terrace

Police personnel will be in place at this junction to assist motorists coming from Stanton Terrace and turning right onto Mountain View Avenue in an efficient manner.

Authur Wint/Statute Road vicinity main gate

Police personnel will be in place within the vicinity of the Authur Wint, Statute Road main gate to keep the pedestrian area free from vehicular traffic as well as to coordinate activities along Authur Wint Drive in the vicinity of the car park entrances.

The Police are advising supporters who will be attending the World Cup Football Qualifier between Jamaica and Costa Rica, which will be held at the National Stadium on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 7 p.m.,

They say no firearms, knives, drugs, ice picks, machetes, glass bottles, aerosol sprays, large igloos, frozen water or drinks, umbrellas with pointed tips or any other items that can be used to cause serious harm or injury, will be allowed inside the venue.

Licensed Firearm holders are being advised to make arrangements to leave their firearms for safekeeping with their local Police.

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