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Holness will challenge Shaw if he wins

Published:Thursday | September 12, 2013 | 8:13 AM

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Andrew Holness has sounded a warning that Audley Shaw will not be allowed to rest comfortably in the leadership position if he successfully challenges him for the top job at the party’s annual conference.

Shaw, who is a JLP deputy leader, is expected to announce on Sunday whether he will seek to be elected as the party’s new leader.

But speaking on Television Jamaica’s current affairs programme All Angles last night, Mr. Holness said he would be around a long time in politics regardless of the outcome of the likely challenge.

"I will be around, I will be a contender and they will have to contend with me," stated Holness. "Andrew Holness is a household name in Jamaica. I entered politics at the age of 20, I was a member of parliament by 25. I contested a seat that the PNP had won by 4000 votes and I hold it today still with a 1000 vote majority. Andrew Holness is not a political lightweight."

Pressed further, Holness said he would again seek to become leader, if an election materialised and he lost, adding that:

"I have ambitions, I want to lead this country, I want to make a difference in the life of the Jamaican people."

In the meantime, Holness says the report of the strategic review committee on the reasons for the party’s 2011 election loss and areas for improvement in the JLP will be released before the party’s annual conference.

He says the report will help delegates to decide which leader to choose.

Shaw has criticised Holness for the delay in releasing the findings of the review committee.