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Irresponsible not to include EWI - Paulwell

Published:Thursday | September 19, 2013 | 8:51 AM

Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell says it would have been irresponsible not to accept Energy World International’s, EWI, proposal to supply 360 megawatt of energy to the national grid.

In fact, he has said the company’s proposal enhanced the competitive process.

He has stated that EWI will be chosen as the next preferred bidder should Azurest Cambridge Power fail to deliver in the stipulated time, despite the concerns raised by the Contractor General in his report.

The Contractor General has recommended that the Hong Kong-based company be excluded from the list of entities which are to be considered to take on the 360 megawatt project.

But the energy minister maintains that there was nothing wrong with the process to evaluate the proposals.

"That is the rules, if you are down to number two, if they fail to perform, you go to number three and so on. There is absolutely nothing untoward to the process," said Paulwell.

He notes that his priority at this time is to reduce the cost of electricity.

"The great problem we face in this country you know, what keeps me awake every night is the cost of electricity. We have pussyfooted on this matter for too long and we cannot continue, we have to find the solution in this process now and I am also very pleased that the OUR has indicated that by the end of this month, they will be announcing the winners of the 150 megawatt renewables because that is also a part of the mix, Paulwell said.

Meanwhile, Azurest Cambridge Power, the preferred bidder, has 15 days to submit a security bond to the OUR.

The security bond, which is 1 percent of the cost of the project, amounts to 6.9 million US dollars.

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