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Radcliffe Lewis pleased with driving history system

Published:Friday | October 11, 2013 | 1:09 PM

Monique Grange, Assistant News Editor – Radio

Head of the Police Traffic Department Senior Superintendent, Radcliffe Lewis, believes the recently launched Mandatory Driving History Information System will help to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on the roads.

Under that system, operators of public passenger vehicles will be subjected to background checks and screening before they are employed to transport members of the public.

A Public Passenger Motor Vehicle Modernisation Council, comprising members of several taxi associations will oversee the system.

Lewis says in addition to preventing careless drivers from operating public passenger vehicles, such a system will also help the police to detect those with fraudulent insurance.

He says it will also enable owners of bus and taxis to become more involved in the operation of their vehicles.

Lewis says the police will also be monitoring the system.

He says the traffic department has submitted to insurance companies, the name of more than 10,000 persons who operate illegal taxis.

He notes that the insurance companies have an interest in those names based on the number of illegitimate claims made by robot taxi operators.

He says the Tax Administration Department is also reviewing those names with a view to take action against those who operate public passenger vehicles but evade taxes.


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