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Digicel invests J$85m in new programme

Published:Thursday | November 14, 2013 | 3:59 PM

Telecommunications provider Digicel Jamaica has invested J$85 million in a new programme called ‘4Genius’, which allow customers to get their smart phones fully data-activated.

The investment involved the installation of live data-enabled devices in all dealer stores, recruitment of new team members and training for more than 500 dealer store employees.

An additional 40 new staff members will join the team this month, Digicel said in a release.

Distribution director at Digicel, Patrick King explained the need for the programme, saying: “Buying a new phone is an exciting experience and that’s what we want our customers to have. Many times, however, customers become frustrated at home with setting up their new phones because they’re not familiar with the interface or the processes they must go through.”

He said team members have received training on all the handsets and are able to assist customers with any phone they purchase from Digicel stores.

They guide customers through setting up emails, transferring contacts from another phone and downloading their favourite apps.

“We want to make purchasing a new device a wonderful experience for our customers,” King added.

According to King, the “4Genius” programme is integrated into the sales process and every customer that purchases a handset will automatically receive the service.

Shanice Service, a customer who visited the Digicel store on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Kingston to purchase a smart phone recently was delighted with the experience she had.

“I went to buy one of the new Digicel DL600 smart phones and setting it up was so easy. In fact, I hardly had to do anything. The store assistant helped me to set up the phone and everything. She even set up a Google account for me so that I could download my apps from the Play Store,” Service said.

Digicel said that with flexible high speed mobile Internet plans such as the J$100 two-day plan available, the company is seeing a significant increase in demand for smart phones.

King noted that the programme is not only beneficial to customers but to the sales team as well.

“When we interact with our customers on that level, we gain a better understanding of their needs and we can use that information to guide other customers and improve our own processes,” he said.


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