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Portland fishermen land rare 900-pound sunfish

Published:Sunday | November 17, 2013 | 6:13 PM

Gareth Davis Sr., Gleaner Writer

BRYANS BAY, Portland:

After battling a huge fish for more than one and a half hours, two Portland fishermen landed the catch of their life and brought ashore a monster-sized sunfish, which is probably unknown to Jamaica’s waters.

The sunfish, which is being seen by some local fishermen for the first time, is without scales and weighed about 900 pounds. It was caught off the coast of Boston Bay in the parish, shortly after 10 am today.

"It was a difficult fight," said Desmond Phillips, one of the fishermen who helped in capturing the rare catch. "It was difficult bring the fish to the surface, and even more challenging to get the monster (fish) into the boat. When I realized what it was that we had caught, I said to my partner, Michael Grant, who is the boat captain, maybe we should release it. But Grant insisted that we should take it to shore," he continued.

Shocked by the sight of the usual fish, Phillips remarked: "At first I thought it was an alien and I was somewhat frightened.”

Phillips, who has been fishing for the better part of 10 years, said the size of the fish made it almost impossible for he and his partner to put it into the small canoe they were in. But after nearly an hour, they finally got the monstrous fish inside the canoe.

"After a lengthy period, and with water flooding into the boat, we finally brought it into the boat and set sail for Bryans Bay,” he told The Gleaner.

And as news spread about what was initially referred to as “alien fish”, dozens of curious persons including motorists and other passers-by, converged along the beach at Bryans Bay to view the large fish, which by then was tied to a tree.


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