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Manchester school board appointment hearing set for 2014

Published:Monday | November 18, 2013 | 9:47 AM

The Judicial Review Court will next March hear the application by the Manchester High School Past Students' Association against Education Minister Ronnie Thwaites over his alleged refusal to appoint insurance consultant Donovan Mayne as its representative on the School Board.

The hearing has been set for March 3, 4 and 6.

The Manchester High School Past Students' Association contends that on January 10, its executive committee appointed Mayne to be the representative on the School Board.

The Association further contends that despite letters written on July 5 and July 29 calling for the Education Minister to appoint Mayne, Thwaites has not responded.

In February, the National Council on Education wrote to the principal of the Manchester High School saying Mayne was democratically nominated and could only be hindered if there was legitimate evidence to prove that he was not a fit and proper person.

On June 12, the Council wrote another letter informing the Association that based on discussion with key stakeholders it was of the view that the interest of the school would be better served if another nominee was identified.

However, the Manchester High School Past Student's Association is contending that the Education Minister's decision not to appoint Mayne is a breach of the rules of natural justice because it was not a party to the discussion with key stakeholders.

The Association notes that last year the education minister appointed Mayne as a member of the Board of the Jamaican Foundation of for Lifelong Learning for a three-year term.

It argues that this shows that Mayne is a fit and proper person to be appointed to an educational institution.

The Education Regulations make provision for the Minister to appoint a representative of the Past Students' Association to the School Board.

The Manchester High School Past Students' Association is being represented by attorney-at-law Andre Earle, while the Attorney General and the Minister of Education are being represented by Althea Jarrett.


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