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THIS WEEK IN SPORTGLOBE: WI cricketers on Rebel Tour jinxed... Let the bells of Justice ring...

Published:Friday | December 20, 2013 | 6:51 PM

WI cricketers on Rebel Tour in S Africa jinxed

West Indian cricketers who went on the 'Rebel Tours' to South Africa between 1982 and 1990 may be jinxed, with tragedies befalling several of the players who went to the much–ostracized nation to play cricket during that nation’s oppressive Apartheid regime.

Let the bells of justice RING!

Every night on television there is a picture of citizens somewhere in Jamaica crying out for JUSTICE. Let these administrators and officials agree that every complaint of injustice be openly and transparently investigated and decisions made relayed in a timely manner, writes Dr Paul Wright.

President upset after netballers snubbed for top Sports Award

Netball Jamaica Director, Andrew Rose, has downplayed the sentiments of association president Marva Bernard, who was livid after all three netball nominees were snubbed by the RJR Sports Foundation for its Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Richard Todd: Angles away

Like father like son, and like grandson. That is the case for eight-year-old Richard Todd who has taken up the sport of angling, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father.

The Prodigal Sons Return

Marcelino Blackburn has not even been on the bench for Rivoli in at least two of their last matches. That’s after all the trouble they went through to secure his services including reporting Arnett Gardens to the parent body for improper transfer conduct. Also missing from Rivoli is former national player, Garfield Reid.

After Three Years Football returns to Maverley/Hughenden

The football loving community of Maverley/Hughenden had apart of its soul ripped out in 2009 when its home field was banned by the Kingston & St Andrew Football Association after Red Hills youth player Stephen Manning died accidentally.

Slow year for Rally Jamaica

The Rally sport season closed its doors with a perennial marque event Rally Jamaica 2013. A recap of the event may be called a 'round up' but truth be told, there is not much "up" about RJ13. On the evidence of this year’s event, the would-be spectacle may better be described as a "wind down" than a "round up”, says Leroy Spence.

Can Argentina ace it?

Two-time champions Argentina will make their 16th appearance at the FIFA World Cup next year. They have failed to advance to the world’s most popular singular sporting competition only once (in 1970) in their history, after not participating in qualifications for the 1938, 1950, and 1954 editions.

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