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Simple larceny up in corporate area, women urged not to leave handbags in parked vehicles

Published:Tuesday | January 28, 2014 | 11:23 AM

With several cases of simple larceny being reported to the police since the start of the year, the police have issued a waring to the public especially females to be mindful of the items they leave in their motor vehicles.

The police say they have received several reports of vehicles being broken into while parked in the business districts across the corporate area.

They say women who exit their private motor vehicles, leaving their handbags and other valuables inside, account for most reports of simple larceny that have been made to the police.

The police say robbers are observing women who exit their vehicles not carrying a handbag and subsequently breaking into these vehicles believing that cash and other paraphernalia are contained within these bags.

Several cases of simple larceny have been reported to the police, since the start of the year, which involves vehicles that were broken into while parked in business districts across the corporate area.

They are therefore imploring the public to not leave any valuable items in their vehicles, ensure your vehicle is locked properly and install alarms or anti-theft devices where possible.

Citizens should report any suspicious activities to the police and ensure they make a police report so that lawmen can track the patterns of criminals, and eventually nab them.


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