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Homeless seven... Woman of unsound mind allegedly sets house on fire

Published:Sunday | February 9, 2014 | 7:46 PM

Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

A family of seven, already struggling to survive, in the poor Beeston Street community of Western Kingston, has been dealt another severe blow, after their house was allegedly set ablaze by a woman of unsound mind.

Eighty-four-year-old Charles Brown looked dejectedly on the smouldering building.

Brown’s 53 year-old partner, Delores Clarke, stood in forlorn silence, a few metres away, staring, seemingly into space.

The elderly man limped as he shuffled away from what’s left of the place he once called home, mumbling to himself.

Marcia Brown, one of the golden ager’s two daughters, wept inconsolably while tears flowed down the face of her sibling.

A mother of a nine year-old daughter, who attends Clan Carthy Primary School, Marcia works as a janitor at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

She is the only person in the family who is employed.

She lamented that the family has been left only with the ragged clothes on their backs.

Marcia said she had just got up from a short rest when the tragedy struck.

“As I was about to get up to have a bath, my sister raised an alarm that the house was on fire,” said Marcia.

“I grabbed my daughter and ran out and told the other children to leave the premises," she said.

Added a weeping Marcia: “Me nuh save nothing only thing me save is me child and the clothes that me have on.”

Her daughter who is in grade five, will not attend school tomorrow.

It was Marcia’s sister, Lelieth Brown who raised the alarm. She lived in an adjoining apartment with her two children ages 12 and 13, that has also been gutted.

The two children attend the Calabar Infant Primary and Junior High School.

The four adults stood staring at the blackened remains of their possession, still releasing smoke long after the fighters had left, created an image of absolute desolation as unlookers viewed the scene in silence.

The middle-aged woman of unsound mind who reportedly set the building ablaze stood a few metres away, with blood on her skirt.

She too had lived in the house for many years and was well known in the community.

Residents said she fled from the burning building but returned sometime after while the structure was up in flames.


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