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No mass burial site in east Kingston - Police

Published:Saturday | February 15, 2014 | 4:03 PM

Following investigations into allegations that a mass burial site existed in the East Kingston Area, the police are now refuting the existence of any such site.

The allegations were highlighted in a front-page story of the Jamaica Observer on Sunday, January 26 titled, ‘Mass Burial Site Claim’. In the article, the writer said the information came from a purported former gang member, who brought him to the area and pointed out three spots where several bodies are said to be buried.

After the article was published the Police High Command instructed senior detectives of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) to carry out an intensive investigation into the allegations, employing assets from the Forensic Scenes of Crime and the Canine Divisions.

With the assistance of the “former gang member” the police were able to locate the “sites”. And after days of thorough searches assisted by highly trained cadaver dogs, the lawmen were only able to find the body of a decomposing dog that was recently dumped in the area.

It should also be noted that the sites where it is claimed that several bodies are buried is one of the busiest areas in east Kingston. A quarry, which employs several people, is located in that area. If claims were true, it is very likely that at some point the employees would have stumbled on some bodies.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the crime portfolio Carl Williams, if there is anyone with information about any burial site or bodies buried anywhere, he or she should share such information with the police so that the claim can be thoroughly investigated.

“Although we are certain that what was said in the article about this story is not true, we are willing to act on any future information provided to us,” said DCP Williams.

Meanwhile, the police are again appealing to journalists to be more responsible in their writings and remember their duty is to be factual in their reporting rather than going for sensationalism by embellishing stories and in the process sacrificing truth and accuracy, and end up misleading the public and cause panic in some sectors.


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