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UTech Students’ Union calls emergency meeting

Published:Thursday | March 13, 2014 | 10:29 AM

An emergency meeting of all students has been called for this afternoon as the University of Technology (UTech) Students’ Union moves to contain a crisis threatening to derail impending student government elections.

The Union has called the meeting in the wake of allegations that some of the students nominated for key positions including president and vice-president were not nominated according to prescribed rules.

An Internet blog posted yesterday contains details of several cases of alleged impropriety in the nominations process.

According to the blog post, a probe into the nominations was initiated after a group of students wrote to the University Registrar expressing concerns about the elections.

The post notes that following the investigations, only four candidates for various posts met the Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements to run in the elections.

Among other requirements, students must have a GPA of 2.7 or above to qualify for elections.

The Students’ Union responded to the allegations in a Facebook post this morning that the director of elections had exercised discretion in allowing persons who did not meet the academic requirements.

It revealed that an initial deadline for nominations in February had to be extended because some posts did not receive any nominees.

The post, from the president’s desk, said it was determined that for those positions with qualified persons nominated, the unqualified one would not be allowed to run.

It says unqualified persons would be allowed to run only where there is no qualified persons.

The Union says the decision was challenged by an unqualified student, resulting in the matter being brought to UTech’s Governance Committee.

Discussions were reportedly had with the institution’s Legal Counsel, Associate Professor Kent Pantry, who recommended that all posts in question be reopened for a new nomination process.

A new date has not been announced for the elections which were initially scheduled for March 20.

The emergency meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Students’ Activity Centre also known as the Barn.


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