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Police release list of alleged killers in Kingston

Published:Sunday | March 16, 2014 | 12:17 PM

The police have listed the names and aliases of 12 men wanted for murders in Kingston and St Andrew.

They are:

- Clifton Morris, otherwise called ‘Travis’ and ‘Badda Don’, who is wanted for the the February 12, double-murder of Owen Lovemore, otherwise called ‘Bappo’ and Everton Evans, otherwise called ‘Donovan' on High Holbourn Street in Kingston.

- Paul Casanova, otherwise called ‘Pablo’ and ‘Bobby’ who is wanted for the January 4 double-murder of Omar Campbell and Paul Watson and the shooting and injuring of Dwayne Willis and

- Clive Abrahams, otherwise called ‘Kemar’, ‘Cute One’ and ‘Porto’ who is believed to be in his early 20s; and Christopher Robinson, otherwise called ‘Cardo’ who are wanted for the February 16 murder of Ricardo Findley, otherwise called ‘Prince’, in Majesty Gardens in St Andrew.

- A man known only as ‘Pops’ wanted for the murder of Melbourne Rowe otherwise called ‘Gart’ on January 27 on Windward Road in St Andrew.

- A man in his late 20s or early 30s known only as “Max” and “Chicken” wanted for the January 29 murder of Rohan Newman, otherwise called ‘Short man’ and ‘Rudy' on the grounds of the Tarrant Primary School in St Andrew.

- Sean Goulbourne, otherwise called ‘Shawn Blacks’ and Leroy Adamson, also known as ‘Kemar’ and ‘Short man’ who are both wanted for the murder of Gary Mantock otherwise called “Colico”’ on February 13 in Arnett Gardens.

- A man known only as ‘Corkie’ wanted for the Valentine's Day double-murder of Demar McKenzie and Threjan Harvey in McIntyre Villa, Kingston.

- The police are also on the hunt for 'One Son' and another man only identified as ‘Kimar’ who are wanted for the murder of Rupert Robinson, otherwise called ‘Ray’ and ‘Raymond’, on February 17 in Majesty Gardens, St Andrew.

And Marlon Wright and Dwayne Robinson, otherwise called ‘Dwayne Roberts’, ‘Little Wicked' and ‘Wicked’, both wanted for the murder of Paulette Muirhead, who was killed on February 17 on Upper Oxford Street in Kingston.


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