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New-look $50 notes in circulation

Published:Monday | March 24, 2014 | 1:18 PM

A new-look $50 is now in circulation.

Last week, the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) announced that the material used to print the note will be changed to make it more durable.

The BoJ said the note will be printed on a material known as Hybrid, which it explains is a combination of protective polyester film layered around a cotton fibre core.

It noted that the polyester film in Hybrid makes bank notes more durable and ensures that they stay clean longer and remain firm even in extreme circulation conditions.

And the central bank said the serial number on the $50 note will now have a wave shape, instead of the horisontal line, with the last three digits set against a blue background.

The new note will circulate alongside the older versions.

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