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PHOTOS: Hole-riddled hose used to tackle car mart fire in St Andrew

Published:Thursday | July 10, 2014 | 10:49 AM

A hole-riddled hose used by firefighters to battle a blaze at a car mart on 14 Dunrobin Avenue in St Andrew last night has further highlighted the under-resourcing of the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

There were no reports of injuries but the fire destroyed a car and damaged three others at the mart.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade says reports suggest that the fire was started by debris at a paper processing plant on 12 Dunrobin Avenue which later spread to the car mart.

Assistant Superintendent, John Morais, says firefighters received a call to respond to the fire minutes after midnight and two units from the York Park and Half-Way Tree stations responded.

He says two air-conditioning units on the building housing the processing plant were also destroyed.

The senior firefighter says the estimated cost of damage is approximately $900,000.

Meanwhile, as firefighters unfurled the hose to tackle the blaze, at least three major holes were visible, spraying away the now-scarce commodity.

The assistant superintendent says the holes are part of the normal “wear and tear” of the job and the firefighting efforts were not affected.

However, he says the hose is to be removed from service and repaired.

The country's fire service has been under much scrutiny in recent weeks following the publication of a report from the Auditor General which concluded major deficiencies affecting the service.

Among other things, the Auditor General's report stated that the Brigade’s ability to carry out emergency medical care and rescue services has been severely affected by out-of-service emergency vehicles.

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