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Educators blast ramping shop

Published:Wednesday | February 4, 2009 | 5:58 PM

More members of the education sector are taking issue with a popular song called rampin shop by reggae artistes Vybz Cartel and Spice.

The song, which has been receiving frequent airplay, contains vulgar and obscene language not fit for children.

The educators expressed their views at a Gleaner Editors Forum this afternoon.

Jamaica Teachers’ Association President, Doran Dixon and the President of the Jamaica Association for Secondary School Principals, Nadine Malloy are insisting that parents, should take greater effort to monitor what their children are exposed to.

Concerns have heightened about the song following a newspaper article in the Sunday Gleaner, written by the Principal of Ardenne High School, Esther Tyson.

In the article Ms Tyson highlighted comments by several students who said they were disgusted by the lewd lyrics of the song.

Some of the students commented that even though they did not like the song, it was difficult not to get addicted to it as it was being played all around them.

While admitting that the song is no worse than some, which have been played before, Mr Dixon believes it should be censored.

Ms. Malloy wants parents to collaborate with teachers in providing guidance for children.

The Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission Cordel Green said he’s currently reviewing several songs, which are deemed inappropriate for airplay.

He said Rampin Shop is among them.

Mr Green said action would be taken shortly.