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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have been asked to subscribe to the website, Why do I have to pay for content online?
For almost 180 years, The Gleaner Company has been providing news, information, advertising options and more for Jamaicans. Initially, the audience was in Jamaica but today Jamaicans and others scattered all across the world have immediate access to the great content produced by The Gleaner.

In order to produce and provide credible news and information in a timely and efficient manner, it requires a team of dedicated personnel, including our award winning journalists, along with the necessary physical and technical infrastructure. Today, the Gleaner 's content is disseminated via various digital media including website, mobile apps and ePaper. It requires (increasing) recurring revenues to maintain our offerings and to provide resources needed to invest in developing new features, e.g. online video and products in order to satisfy the growing demands of users like yourself.

The content that persons now pay for in the print, i.e. newspaper, is for the most part the same content available online. We have for the last 16 years provided this content for free online. As more persons transition to digital media, we now invite our online consumers to join our print consumers in assisting us to continue producing credible, timely and in depth content you have come to expect from the Gleaner.

What is a paywall?
A Paywall can be described as an arrangement whereby access is restricted to users who have paid to subscribe to digital content on a website, mobile app etc.

There are a number of models available to choose. Here are a few of the leading ones:

  • Metered - Users are given a certain number of free pieces of content for a specified period, e.g. 10 articles for each month.
  • Selected Content/Premium content - Only selected or premium content requires a subscription; all other content is free.
  • Absolute - All content available requires subscription. There is no free content.
  • Out of Market - Users in or out of the local market are required to subscribe.
What type of paywall is The Gleaner using?

The Gleaner has chosen to use the Metered model. A metered paywall allows you to access a certain quantity of online content for free within a 30 day period. Beyond that limit, you will have to subscribe to continue accessing our online content. The limit is 15 articles in a 30 day period. Please note that certain articles do not count against your limit.

Why is it that the other media houses aren't charging?
While other local media houses may not yet be charging; it is very likely that they will have to in order to maintain their operations. In the USA, at the end of 2012 more than 450 publishers out of 1380 publishers were charging for content online by implementing some sort of paywall.
Are there areas on the site which will remain free?
At this time, some content will remain free. These include Latest News, Galleries, Cartoons, Videos, and Puzzles among others.
Will I get to see the same content as in the printed newspaper if I subscribe?
You will get the same news content and more (Online Videos, Online Galleries and Blogs). In addition, you will have the ability to access the content on various devices. To see an exact digital replica of the print paper, you can use our ePaper at http://epaper.jamaica-gleaner.com.
Can't I still just access the news via Twitter or Facebook or email newsletter?
We will continue to provide headlines and links to the news via social media. The extent to which you consume the news this way, will determine whether or not you will need to become a subscriber.
If I re-read an article, will that be counted twice?

What will happen to news I receive from mobile apps?
The news on our Mobile Apps, while currently free, will eventually transition to the paywall model. You will be able to use your same account credentials used on the desktop (www.jamaica-gleaner.com) and mobile site (m.jamaica-gleaner.com) to access the mobile apps.
I am an ePaper subscriber, do I have to pay for online subscription?
All ePaper subscribers can access the website at no additional cost. If you are an existing ePaper subscriber you can call (876) 932-6262/6174/6294 for further information on how to get access.

What happens if I access the website from a different computer each time?
You can use your account on any computer. You are not to share your account as this could result in your account being disabled.
How will I be able to monitor my quota?
As a paid subscriber you will have unlimited access to content for the subscription period. Users without accounts will see messages indicating how many free articles are available within 30-day period.
Can I share my account information with someone else?
No. Sharing could lead to your account being disabled.
Is my subscription transferable?
Not at this time.
Will I still be able to share stories with friends?
Yes. You can still share links to articles via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email etc.
How do I cancel my subscription?
The Gleaner has provided an excellent support team that will assist you. They can be reached at (876) 932-6262/6174/6294. In addition, you will be able to talk directly to live support using our live chat feature. You can also email us at feedback@jamaica-gleaner.com .
I am an ePaper subscriber, do I have to pay for the online subscription?
No. All ePaper subscribers can access the website at no additional cost. If you are an existing ePaper subscriber you can call (876) 932-6262/6174/6294for further information on how to get access.
I am already a print subscriber, do I have to pay for online subscription?
All 7 day print subscribers can access the website at no additional cost. Other print subscribers will have to upgrade to a 7 day print subscription or can opt to pay separately to use the website. If you are an existing subscriber you can call (876) 932-6262/6174/6294 for further information on how to get access.

What are the rates?

January 2, 2014 - February 28, 2014:
Monthly: $7.99 USD for the first month, $9.99 USD monthly thereafter

Quarterly Subscription: $27.99 USD

Yearly Subscription: $99.99 USD

How safe is my credit card information?
Your credit card information is handled by Paypal.com and Tinypass.com. Both organisations have implemented internationally best practices to ensure that your information is secure. All payment transactions are done over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that ensures your data is encrypted when transmitted between your device and the online merchant. Your credit card statements will reflect all payment transactions to TinyPass.
Can I pay for my subscription with J$?
Yes. Online, all dual currency (JMD & USD) credit cards provided by NCB, BNS, RBC, FGB, FCB can be used. In person, debit card and cash payments can be made in Jamaican dollars. Please call (876) 932-6262/6174/6294 assistance or visit us at 7 North Street or the following outlets, listed below.
Kingston Bookophilia St. Ann St. James
Sangster's Bookstore 92 Hope Road Gleaner Company Gleaner Western Bureau
Shop #5,
The Springs Shopping Centre
Tel: 9293496 Shop #16 9 King street, Montego Bay
17 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10   Point Plaza,
Main Street ,Ocho Rios
Tel: 975-3828
    Tel: 974-9383  
Is my subscription automatically renewed on expiration?
Renewal is automatic and designed to be very simple. Your credit card will be automatically charged upon expiration of subscription period, and you will be sent a message confirming your renewal for a period similar to that which you selected previously.
I don't have a credit card or PayPal account. How do I subscribe?
You can call The Gleaner office at (876) 932-6262/6174/6294 for assistance or visit us at 7 North Street , Kingston or the outlets listed above.

I am an advertiser online, won't my audience shrink?
We do expect some initial shrinkage in our audience, as experienced by others who have implemented paywalls, but expect to recover as users adjust to the platform. Additionally; while the quantity may be reduced, the quality of the target audience will now be improved. You will be targeting and reaching consumers you know are loyal, readers who are prepared to spend online.

Who do I speak to if I have a problem with my account?
The Gleaner has assembled an excellent support team that will assist you. They can be reached at (876) 932-6262/6174/6294. In addition, you will be able to communicate directly to live support using our live chat feature. You can also email us at feedback@jamaica-gleaner.com.

Can I cancel my Subscription?
You can cancel your digital product at any time via your Tinypass.com backroom using your username and password .
What happens when I cancel. Do I receive a refund?
When you cancel, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription. The cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period. Cancellations are effective the following billing cycle. You will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle. You will continue to have the same access and benefits of your product for the remainder of the current billing period. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit, we are under no obligation to issue the same or similar refund in the future. .
When are refunds not applicable?
During promotional offers that include value-added products including, but not limited to gift cards and/or gift certificates, there will be no refund.


What happens if there are changes to Content or Access?
We reserve the right to make changes to our digital products at any time. If we temporarily reduce or eliminate the charge for content or access that you are currently paying for under different terms, you will not receive a refund. .



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