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Businesswise | Secrets to success for earning online

Published:Sunday | March 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM

I am constantly writing about ways to earn both online and offline because of our persistently high levels of youth unemployment, and the wealth of untapped opportunities for them to create their own sustainable incomes outside of the elusive traditional jobs.

The most recent employment data from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica shows the national unemployment rate for October 2015 was 13.5 per cent, however, the unemployment rate among youth aged 14-24 was substantially higher at 32.7 per cent.

Most troubling though is that the highest rate of unemployment in the country is still among young women aged 14-24 years at 43.9 per cent more than three times the national rate.

Ideally, what we all should be striving for is low single digit unemployment rates among all ages and genders. However, though we are far off that goal, the country has been making gains in recent times as the numbers have been on a downward trajectory.

Yet more strident efforts are needed, and all hands on deck are welcomed.

One way to accelerate that decline is to empower the unemployed and underemployed to exploit non-traditional opportunities, such as freelancing online, which require the barest of resources, minimal cash, but huge investments in time and productivity.

A few days ago I received two social media messages which illustrated the secrets to success for earning online, and the vast opportunities that are available for Jamaicans to tap into right now. One message read:

[ITALICS]I read your article two years ago (I think) about earning money through and in The Gleaner. I even photocopied the article and cut it out (I still have it, lol) when I was in high school and I was, like, I?m gonna sign up for that. So I did but did nothing with the page. Then I listened to your online webinar about freelancing and I finally got a laptop which would make it easier to do the freelancing. I deleted my previous account and created a new more professional one and started using it. I joined in January 2016 and did extensive research and since then I?ve made US$60. It?s probably not a lot to other people but to me it?s wooooooooooooow, I made money online. I hope to continue doing research and making my profile more attractive. JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR PUBLISHING THE ARTICLE AND DOING THE WEBINAR BECAUSE IF IT WASN?T FOR YOU I WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN. The caps are necessary because I am truly grateful. Nuff blessings - Ashley.[UNITALICS]

I shared Ashley?s message via social media to motivate others and was shocked when I received the following response from another young woman:

[ITALICS]Hey Yaneek, don?t know if u remember me but I was motivated by your article as well and started freelancing last year January. At present I am a virtual assistant and social media manager (self-taught lol). My monthly income ranges from US$1,250 to US$2,000 and is steadily increasing. I started out earning just US$60 per month too. I am saying this to say it is possible earn an income online. I am willing to answer any questions or give advice to anyone who needs it.[UNITALICS]

The messages brought home in the most profound way the value and impact that this has had on providing information that empowers. The experiences of these women can serve as inspiration and hopefully a big push for others to act.

The biggest secret to success in freelancing or earning online generally is access to the right information. The article that provided the information used by these women to create their own online income is titled ?A beginner?s guide to earning online? published November 17, 2013.

Once you?ve read it, you will have the context to do further research, expand your knowledge, and build your skills.

The other big secret is simply taking action now and being persistent. It is painfully simple and cliche but frankly still the difference between success and failure.

Taking action means putting in the hours to learn the skills, build your profile, and develop the work ethic and productivity standards needed to compete online.

Persistence is more than not giving up it?s being patient and expecting that you may start by earning US$15, US$20 or US$60 in your first month but within months or a year it can be as high as US$2,000 to US$4,000 monthly. There is no overnight success and there is no money without work.

Finally, there?s the least obvious but highly effective secret to success sharing the expertise you?ve developed.

Sharing your knowledge formally builds your brand, promotes your work, helps you make strong connections with others and opens a wealth of opportunities and resources for you to continue to earn.

In my experience, when you pay your blessings forward with the deliberate act of empowering others, the universe rewards you in abundance.

One love!

Yaneek Page is an entrepreneur and trainer, and creator/executive producer of The Innovators TV serie

Twitter: @yaneekpage