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Flow cautions customers against Wangiri scam

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 9:28 AM

Flow Jamaica said it is aware of the latest phone scam which is targeting telecommunications customers in Jamaica. 

It said that those calls are typically identified by a single ring which prompts a return call from the unsuspecting customer and results in high charges or usage of credit.

“We encourage all customers to be vigilant and treat calls from unfamiliar country codes with due suspicion,” the company said in a release.

“If you accept a call from an unfamiliar area code, and are unsure, end the call quickly without sharing your personal details or following any instructions that you might receive,” it added.

 Flow said it treats those matters as a priority.  “We have already activated our fraud team and are monitoring and will be blocking those numbers which are found to be involved in this scam,” it said.

 “We will also work with the relevant authorities and continue, as always, to alert our customers to these scams and the necessary measures to protect themselves,” Flow said