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TransJamaica Highway says revenues up, Portmore toll still highest trafficked

Published:Monday | December 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMAvia Collinder
Motorists travel along the Portmore Toll Road in St. Catherine.

TransJamaican Highway Limited, the concession holder for Highway 2000 East-West is now pulling in revenues above $8.8 million daily for Portmore, St Catherine, according to Wednesday Business estimates and data provided by the company in November.

Guillaume Allain, managing director of the company, said revenue grew in the range of five to 10 per cent in the last year, although declining to share turnover.

The company, which was started in 2002, now employs 200.

The tolled road network comprises T1, a 43.5-kilometre stretch between Kingston and May Pen, Clarendon, with a connection through to Spanish Town, St Catherine; and T2, a 6.4-kilometre stretch which runs between Kingston and Portmore.

Highway 2000 East-West is a network of Jamaican tolled roadways developed by Transjamaican Highway and operated by Jamaican Infrastructure Operator (JIO). The first toll plaza was opened at the Vineyards in St Catherine in 2003, followed by another in Spanish Town, St Catherine, in 2004, Portmore in 2006, and Mineral Heights near May Pen in 2012.




Allain told Wednesday Business that the company continues to see increased usage year after year, with fully one-third of clients having migrated to the T-Tag system which provides ease of use and discounts.

"Concerning our traffic numbers, Portmore processes daily traffic of about 30,000-40,000 vehicles," he said. "This plaza has the highest traffic volume of all toll plazas, followed by the plazas at Vineyards and May Pen, and then Spanish Town."

Allain said that ease in congestion on the highway was due to use of the T-Tag system, but "we also credit the Highway and Traffic Division of the police force, which has increased its efforts in reinforcing proper road usage by motorists approaching the toll plaza."

With the lowest toll charge being $220 for one-way passage for the Portmore toll, Wednesday Business calculates that revenue from that plaza is now above $8.8 million per day, representing inflows for one passage and assuming that all vehicles were paying the lowest toll rate of $220.




Many users of the Portmore toll travel both ways each day.

Rates for Portmore are $220 for class one vehicles, $350 for class two and $670 for class three.

For Spanish Town, class one rates are $160, class two $240 and class three $440.

For the Vineyards plaza, class one rates are $440, class two, 640, and class three, $1,210, while for Mineral Heights class one rates are $110, class two, $180, and class three, $360.

Allain said that "throughout the year, we have been using various tools to communicate with our customers to encourage greater usage of the T-Tag, which results in greater benefits, (which) include cashless passage, passing even quicker through the toll plazas, and not having to go through the manual lanes which takes a longer time to process, gaining more control by tracking and managing toll expenses, viewing account balance and topping up online and benefiting from the frequent-user rewards programme."

The rewards programme is offered to class one and two motorists of the Portmore and Spanish Town legs. For users, the 10th passage is free and customers get back 10 per cent of every trip after that within the same week.