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Experience vs divine revelation

Published:Monday | January 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The world is not short on people with experience in different fields. However, despite that, there are not many revelations/solutions forthcoming for the global issues that exist today.

The next two and a half years will be critical, particularly in the areas of politics, economics, health, and security matters. It is going to be experience versus divine revelation in governing or problem solving.

Recently, there have been quite a few debates about young politicians failing; and people are quick to say that it is the result of a lack of experience. But while experience is important, experience only will not get the job done in any situation. A lack of experience is not the only reason many young politicians and other leaders may fail. Many fail because: i) they are not seeking God for guidance and direction; ii) their advisors give poor advice; iii) they are arrogant/proud; iv) their personal lifestyle leaves much to be desired.

Decisions ought not to be based on experience only. Oftentimes, professionals will try to seek someone from a professional field, proven in their expertise over time, from which to get solutions. They often ignore bright, young graduates with new and refreshing ideas who don't have the expertise and tenure they desire.

Constituents vote for the same persons over and over and often refuse to take a chance on young politicians with new ideas and possible solutions that may very well turn things around!

Let us look at the potential of both.

Experience gives us a certain level of confidence and comfortability in proven situations. However, it has the potential to hinder growth and development because people become complacent and dependent in this situation and refuse to step out, or to move forward, or to think outside the box, or to try new things!

In Luke 5, Jesus in His flesh form was not a fisherman, so many would say He was not experienced. The experienced fishermen/entrepreneurs were going through a difficult period. They toiled all night without catching any fish.

A divine revelation was given to them by Jesus to launch out into the deep during the daytime, which was contrary to what they knew to be proven. At first, they doubted Jesus' ability to advise them on matters of fishing. However, because of their obedience, their situation changed, and the solution was clear.

In addition to this, Paul, the Apostle, did not have any experience in ship navigation. However, through divine revelation from God, he gave them advice which they ultimately ignored. They chose to listen to the helmsman and the owner of the ship. They were, of course, the experts in their field. But when the storm came, their experience could not save them, and they were shipwrecked.




Experience will help you to operate the ship, but it takes a divine revelation to prevent you from getting shipwrecked!

God does not want leaders to lead only by experience. It will cause them to become stagnant and unable to accept anything new. He wants us to lead by experience and divine revelation; and oftentimes divine revelation can be greater.

If you are leading by experience only, and you then face new problems, then you will need a divine revelation to solve those problems. So, at that point, you would not be qualified to solve those problems! No two seasons are the same. Every season brings new challenges, new issues.

Your solving a problem today gives you general experience on dealing with a specific matter, but you cannot use past experiences of yesterday to solve specific problems today, particularly when new circumstances face you!

For example, in media, there were certain protocols involved. Someone had to study journalism to become a journalist and gain experience through odd jobs or 'lucky breaks'. But, one revelation that allows us to now use our smart phones to record on-the-scene happenings has turned entire nations into journalists with one fell swoop! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Periscope have changed the game within the media industry! Were media houses operating only by experience, much like politics? No.

In business, many businesspeople have had to give up certain core sections of their businesses. Many of them made huge investments in the financial markets; but in time to come, things for survival will be the order of the day - and that's a divine revelation!

God does not want us to be leaders of today functioning in yesteryear! He wants us to be proactive! Divine revelation can bring great changes globally!

Have you ever dreamt that your vehicle is in reverse? It means that you are leading by experience only! Divine revelation takes you to the next level! Divine revelation brings revolution!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.