Wed | Oct 21, 2020

Norris McDonald | Trump loves rona, black fly, wingman ... what a weird dystopian world!

Published:Wednesday | October 14, 2020 | 12:11 AM
President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida on Monday.
President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida on Monday.
Norris McDonald
Norris McDonald

COVID-19 has attacked President Donald Trump and 33 other Trump White House staffers; and an amazingly large BLACK fly lands on Vice- President Mike Pence’s head just as he is denying that systematic racism exists in America!

Uneasy lies the proud white head that wears the crown of a prancing black fly!

COVID-19 smashed an already fragile American economy. Over 13 million workers have lost their jobs because of Trump’s poor management of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these people are forced to line up at food banks and not being able to buy food, pay rent, mortgages or medical expenses.

This has worsened America’s humanitarian crisis.

There were already 27 million Americans who have had no health insurance before the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of this now added are 13 million more workers, laid off because of the negative economic impact of COVID-19, who have joined the tragic lists of ‘sufferers’.

Does Donald Trump care about that?

Just like the fictional Captain Ahab in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Donald Trump is zealously chasing after his great whale, Obamacare, that he wants to kill.

Meanwhile, it was the risky behaviour by President Trump that has now led the White House to become a coronavirus hotspot.

Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the American Armed Forces, who regularly met with Trump, are all now in quarantine.

Is the president the source of these possible coronavirus infections?


Despite Trump’s arrogant mask-ripping charade, a careful, clinical analysis of the video reveals there is a clear sign of respiratory distress.

Trump’s doctors refuse to give details but this is a reasonable clinical judgement one can make.

Strange things do happen in the Trumpian world of politics, and in Dr Donald Trump’s dystopian world of lies and fawning cultism, it keeps getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

Take the boastful Donald Trump’s love affair with the coronavirus. He is now saying that it makes him feel 20 years young.

After lying in bed with ‘Rona’, Trump boasts that he feels better than 20 years ago. Trump now tells Americans “not to be afraid of the coronavirus or let it dominate their life”.

Despite his close brush with death, Dr Trump pretends that he has more knowledge about ‘Rona’ than all scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

President Trump met ‘Rona’, survived and is gloating.

Millions of Americans don’t have such luxury to get the aggressive medical care that Donald Trump got.

Quite surprising, despite Dr Trump touting Chloroquine – the anti-malaria drug – ‘the miracle cure-all’ was not one of the emergency medicines given to him in the desperate attempt to save his life.

Trump got medication “that was reserved for patients with severe critical illness”, Dr Leana Wen, a George Town medical professor of medicine, said.

While lying in bed with ‘Rona’, one would have thought Trump would perhaps have had a ‘Sweet Jesus, I am coming home!’ moment.

Maybe he did, maybe not, who is to tell?


The coronavirus is now one of the key drivers of voter attitudes in the upcoming November 3 general elections.

Trump has mismanaged COVID-19 and might likely pay at the polls, as American anger has now tilted against him in many of the battleground states. Trump’s obvious incompetence, negligence and disrespectful attitude have turned many voters away from him and the Republican party.

CNN puts 290 electoral college votes in Joe Biden’s corner, leaving 240 in Trump’s corner or as possible toss-up out of the total 538.

It is by winning US states and their electoral votes that America elects her president.

Mike Pence, Trump’s FLY-ing WING-man, not to be outdone, on the recent vice-presidential debate, looked like something out of perhaps an Alfred Hitchcock movie. ‘The Attack on the Fawning Clowns’ (sorry, Hitchcock) would be a good title.

Pence stood stiff, soulless and perhaps ashamed to shoo away this huge black fly taking a joy ride on his bobbing head, reeling from Senator Kamala Harris’ verbal blows.

Trump’s WING-man also showed signs of ‘Pink eye’, which some medical experts say is a possible sign of the coronavirus which may appear in one to three per cent of COVID-19 victims (


Trump’s narcissistic, arrogant attitude insults the American nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and ordinary people who have died because of his inept management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dear friends, we are in a truly make-believe, dystopian world of fawning cultism, lies and political propaganda presided over by Donald ‘The Great Impeached’ Trump.

The interest of the hard-working poor people and the middle class are not important in this Trumpian dystopian world.

But if Americans are as truly fed up, as I think they are, we may see a President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris heralding a new era; with perhaps greater multilateralism in world affairs.

The Biden-Harris Democratic ticket now has a 10-14 points lead in national polls.

With Joe Biden now more than likely appearing to be the odds-on winner of the American presidential election, many gambling sites and bookmakers are no longer taking bets on this runaway horse race.

Donald ‘The Great Impeached’ Trump, therefore, is more and more looking and acting like a panicky loser who, after November 3, if he does not leave quietly, may well be dragged out of the White House.

That is just the ‘bitta truth!’

Norris McDonald is a respiratory therapist, social researcher and political analyst. Email feedback to and