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Flow breaks new ground with launch of latest cable service

Published:Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry
Flow's Donovan White, VP Marketing Sales and Media Services, interviews fellow coworkers Ileshia Williams and Oliver Jordine about the advanced video service.

The entertainment revolution has begun - courtesy of Flow.

Over the last decade, the growth of satellite service and the birth of HDTV have left their mark on the television landscape. Now, a new delivery method threatens to shake things up even more powerfully. With convergence becoming ever more prevalent in the average consumer's life, Flow has introduced a revolution in home video entertainment - the island's first-ever advanced video service (AVS).

According to Donovan White, vice-president of sales and marketing at Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited (Flow), AVS will change how Jamaicans watch television.

"This is TV like you've never imagined. Every once in a while, revolution changes things. We are about to experience some big changes. We are ready to start a revolution that will introduce our advanced video service," he said.


Restart any show


AVS allows users to restart any show on any channel from the beginning or record it to the cloud with Flow's new cloud personal video recorder (PVR). The upgraded media platform, which the service provider describes as "TV you can control", also offers high definition (HD) visual experience to subscribers.

Flow's Cloud PVR will allow subscribers to record over 100 hours of movies and TV shows, and will be able to watch them from any room in the house at any time. Subscribers will have the options of pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, or even recording two shows at once with just the click of a remote. Additional storage can also be purchased.

"There are many new attributes as to how you can use this service at home that will enhance your viewing experience. There will also be a new set top box and a smaller, sleeker, more intuitive remote. The new platform will also host 63 HD channels, up from 27, and 21 new networks that never existed in Jamaica before," White said.

While all attendees were surprised with new boxes at the launch, other subscribers will have to wait until March 15 for the full rollout of the new platform.

Naomi Francis, corporate communications manager at Flow, told The Gleaner that subscribers can prepare to be have their minds blown.

"This service is really the standard by which television will now be judged. Certainly, when you look at what we had before, in terms of our offerings on cable, this is mind-blowing. The most important part for me is the playback. For people who are always on the go, they tend to miss some of their favorite programmes, but with this new platform, if you miss your programme, you can rewind and play it from scratch because it's all stored in the cloud."

Grant Hume, acting managing director of Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited (CCJL), added that the launch of AVS at this time was part of the strategic mission of the company. AVS replaces Flow's HD package which required customers to purchase an HD box.