Sat | Nov 28, 2020

Chaka Demus releases free compilation ‘hitztape’

Published:Wednesday | October 28, 2020 | 12:19 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Chaka Demus.
Chaka Demus.

Veteran dancehall artiste, Chaka Demus has been igniting the local and international music scenes since catapulting to fame in the 90s with his ‘other half’, Pliers. Having been well supported over the years by music lovers across the globe, the hitmaker is today looking to give back to his fans in a huge way by offering them a body of work he says will showcase three distinct eras of Chaka Demus. The entertainer has dubbed the project his ‘hitztape’ and reveals it is an infusion of some of his older works as well some of his most recent tracks.

“The fans have been good to me over the years. They have supported me (an Pliers) throughout every stage of our careers in music,” he told The Gleaner. “Mi just siddung inna mi studio one day and a think weh mi can give back to my fans and mi see say bwoy this a the best way. It is a free compilation and it is some of my best work. It will showcase Chaka Demus in the 80s, Chaka Demus in the 90s and Chaka Demus in the 2020. Chaka Demus in the 80s was about the positivity, the happiness and joy. Chaka Demus in the 90s was about the dance, the vibes, a time when me and pliers explode and take dancehall international and Chaka Demus in 2020 is the mature Chaka Demus wid songs like Same Thing Again weh mi a talk bout social issues etc. This ‘hitztape’ is just a token of appreciation for my fans, a way of letting them know I am grateful for the never ending support and the overwhelming love they have shown me over the years. I couldn’t be where I am today without them.”

“On this project you will get to experience three different eras of Chaka Demus and unu a get three different vibes of me at three different levels. It’s going to be a joy for those who take the time to listen. You will get to see the growth and evolution of Chaka Demus while enjoying some good vibes,” he continued.

The hitztape which was produced by Bright Star Productions was released on October 9 and is available for free download at The entertainer revealed that the body of work not only features tracks from him as a solo act but also features his musical partner Pliers as well as collaborations with other veteran entertainers such as Admiral Bailey, U-Roy and George Nooks. He also revealed that he would be using the project to target the latin market as he hopes to expand his musical reach. “Mi all a talk Spanish pan it innu because mi wah target the latin market as well. That market is hit for reggae and dancehall music and so I want to really tap into that and see where it takes me,” he said. “All in all it’s a really good body of work. And since it’s been out, fans have already been giving me good feedback. Everybody weh listen so far say it mad from start to finish. I just want more people to go check it out because it is my gift to my fans.

In addition to the ‘hitztape’, Chaka Demus says he’s also promoting a new single titled Same Thing Again. He says he wants people to pay special attention to the track as it not only showcases a different side of him but is a song with a message. “The song is basically talking about what is going on in the world right now with people keep on doing the same things over and over and expecting to get different results. I know from experience that it cannot work like that. You cannot expect to be doing the same things again and again and expect to get different results, a di same thing yah go see a happen again and again,” he said. “If you want different results and a real change, yuh affi try a different approach and me really wah the people dem pay special attention to that message. It could be the thing that saves you from continuing with those mistakes.”